Microsoft takes a step back on Windows 11 processor support

Microsoft, which received a great response from users, announced that it will test the 1st generation Ryzen and 7th generation Intel processors, which are not on the system requirement list of Windows 11.

TPM chips required for Windows 11 fell on the black market

Recently, Microsoft made the TPM 2.0 feature required for Windows 11 installation. The module required for old systems has become very difficult to find in the market.

Sad news came from the development process of The Elder Scrolls 6

Sad news came from the development process of The Elder Scrolls 6, one of the most anticipated games of the players. According to the description, the game is still in the design phase.

After 2 years, Marvel returns to cinemas: How was the Black Widow movie?

The review scores of the Black Widow movie, which will start a new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe prepared by Disney, have been shared. You can find the details in our news.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT arrives to be the fastest SUV model of the brand

Attracting attention with its 640 hp V8 engine and dynamics specially revised for the model, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT reveals its difference in the family with its unique design details.

Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Council Paints a Positive Picture on Sustainable Energy

The Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) has published its first research for the energy used by the Bitcoin network.

Grayscale announced that it has announced Cardano (ADA)

Leading digital asset manager Grayscale announced today that it has added the popular altcoin Cardano to its fund called the Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund, which includes large-cap assets.

We can meet the new generation MacBook Pro models in September: Here are the latest developments

Apple is said to be preparing to launch new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. Laptops with completely new designs will arrive in September, according to supply chain sources.

Phone with Drone inside vivo

The interesting patent that Vivo has applied for makes photo shoots much more professional by placing an advanced mini drone inside smartphones.


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