Phone with Drone inside vivo

Phone with Drone inside vivo

The interesting patent that Vivo has applied for makes photo shoots much more professional by placing an advanced mini drone inside smartphones.

So far, we have witnessed as many different innovations as the design allows for smartphones. Built-in projection module, removable camera module, stylus, built-in fully wireless headset or modular structures have been implemented or patented. Now the Drone era begins in the phone.

An interesting smartphone design patented by Vivo breaks new ground in selfies. According to the patent, a mini drone is hiding inside the phone. The drone propeller in the drawer has an inside design.

The 4-propeller drone model has the main camera on the front and the second camera on the bottom. With 3 infrared sensors, the drone can detect obstacles and possibly follow the person and take pictures.

It is not known when Vivo, which has produced a very pleasant project, will realize it, but it is a fact that it is unlikely to happen in the short term. However, many innovations will be waiting for us in the coming period.

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