TPM chips required for Windows 11 fell on the black market

TPM chips required for Windows 11 fell on the black market

Recently, Microsoft made the TPM 2.0 feature required for Windows 11 installation. The module required for old systems has become very difficult to find in the market.

The technology called TPM or Trusted Platform Module ensures that all or some of the different encryption keys are saved on this chip when encryption is desired on the computer. Microsoft ‘s Windows 8.1 and 10 with the encryption feature was brought by the device still needs a TPM chip. This feature is not very necessary for the end user, and it was not required to be available on older Windows systems . Unexpectedly, Microsoft’s requirement for TPM 2.0 for Windows 11 was quite a reaction. is welcomed.

Some older generation motherboards may have a TPM 1.2 or slot . Microsoft, which made the 2.0 version mandatory at the beginning, announced that they would support the old 1.2 version after the reactions . It is useful for users to see if they have this slot. Millions of users who want to install Windows 11 and have input slots on their motherboards have started to buy the module over the internet . Products with prices around $ 10 to $ 25 , after the new Windows announcement, went up to $ 100 and fell on the black market .

Saying that Windows 11 versions will be released where TPM is not required , Microsoft says they have taken such a decision to increase the security in Windows . Users who want to check for TPM on their systems can check by pressing the Win-R key and typing ‘’ tmp.msc ‘’ in the run section that opens . While China, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have blocked the use of TPM in order to provide national security and access data , it is a matter of curiosity what they will do in this new situation.

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